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Visit to 50 Elderly in Lori Province - Provide food for New year and 8 more months - Dec.22,2020

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

As many of you know, we at Aid Beyond Borders have many missions, one of which is to provide food for elderly throughout the year, but ESPECIALLY right before the New Year. We believe that focusing on them is as important as supporting the families who are in poverty. While the families have each other, these elderly don't have anyone, cannot support themselves, spending most of their pension on medications, and are pretty much abandoned.

This year, we provided food for 50 elderly in poverty in Lori Province. Of the collected funds, $2500 of the funds was donated by

AGBU-AYA LA-SFV Scouts, who supported 12 of the 50 elderly. We not only took them food for New Year's table, but also enough to last them for at LEAST 8 months, if not more. Some were crying, some were laughing, but all in joy, thanking us that we have not forgotten about them, that they feel loved and, in turn, sending you all lots of love and blessings for your generosity.

Thank you all who were part of this very important mission. As we support families in poverty, we will never abandon the elderly who very much need our love and attention. God bless you!

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