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Visit to Elderly in Poverty - Lusaghbyur Village - Lori -8/7/2020

Dear Friends, We finally made our visit possible to Lusaghbyur and Nor Khachakap villages and visited 35 single elderly living who live, to put it mildly, in socially insecure conditions.

Our visit took place yesterday. Of course, one of the most exciting initiatives of our organization is the visit to these elderly who live alone and have nobody to take care of them, during which emotional and at the same time joyful feelings accompany the whole visit.

Many people were moved by our visit, crying, some people laugh with joy, some people are sad, but everyone is infinitely grateful, sending you all abundant blessings, endless words of gratitude, and one of the tatiks gave us her own hand-raised raspberries.

Each time we have an elderly visit, we are very saddened by such, when we once again discover how many old people are abandoned or living alone by fate, who do not see anyone for days or months because they have no visitors, not to mention that they have a living problem where they go by with almost no food for days.

I want to thank all our members, all our generous supporters of our team for making another important initiative a reality, and the pictures will say the rest.

Thank you for your trust and support! God bless

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