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This Week's Disabled Child(ren)
Needs Special Equipment
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GOAL: $3000   SO FAR: $655

094609052 - Anoush (mother)

Mets Masrik Village - Gegharkunik Province

This is Sashik, a 4-year-old young man, has right-side weakness and as a result, his right let and arm is much weaker than the left. The child was born premature, the problem was discovered at the age of about 1 and the parents have recently had the opportunity to take him to therapies but have no way of continuing the therapies at the center because they live in a socially insecure condition.

Sasha's family consists of 10 people, only father works at home, barely cares about the problem of living.

In order for a child to have straight legs, so that he can walk and stretch freely, the child needs an electric treadmill and a bicycle, so that he can exercise on daily basis several times a day. Taking into account the fact that the child's family is socially insecure and the devices are quite expensive, they have asked for our help in acquiring them.  Together, we can help Sashik have a normal future.

095590703 Christine (mother)

Ladik lives in the village of Mets Masrik in the Gegharkunik Province.


Unfortunately, he suffers from childhood cerebral paralysis since he was a baby, which resulted in a child being unable to walk alone, sitting on a wheelchair all day. Ladik as 3 siblings and his father works in the village with various kinds of work to make ends meet. He is also engaged in agriculture, collects grass, and his mother works at a bakery at nights to help her husband.

Being socially insecure, the family cannot take Ladik to special therapies anymore, but if he has special equipment at home, recommended by his doctor, such as a special walker with brake system and a treadmill at home, he will be able to slowly become independent.

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