This Week's Family in Need 
Two Families in Vulnerable Condition
Scheduled Visit: September 2, 2018 (if the needed goal is met) 

Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Let's reach our goal for this mission and Change their Lives!

Goal: $1500      So far: $355

See the pictures of our visits in Accomplished missions !

   **Total collected so far will be updated every evening**



Gegharkunik Province, Martuni Region, Artsvanist Village


tel:  011-37493-950615 Mane

The family consists of 9 people, where there are 3 minor children, 3 and 8 year old girls,and a 10 year old boy. The 8-year-old girl has cerebral palsy. Last year, there was a gas explosion in the family house, as a result of which, the family lost almost everything. The father of the family went to Russia to earn a living to provide for the family, and the girls are working in potato fields in the village, and also doing different types of farming work. There are days they go milk someone else's cow and in exchange they get milk to feed the children.


The family is in extreme condition.

At home, there is no refrigerator, washing machine, gas cooker, bread making oven, and the problem of winter firewood and flour still remains unsolved. Children do not have clothes, toys, school supplies and more.


A generous donor is providing the cow for them.  We only need to get them the rest of the things mentioned above. 

The videos below are our Team's visits to other families we helped in previous weeks. Watch and see how we helped and ensured they will no longer be hungry or cold again.  After you watch, please consider donating, so that we can help this week's family as well

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