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Donate to Armenia

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Sometimes you want to donate to Armenia but you don’t have the funds in order to donate. You may be able to donate to Armenia with non-cash items.

First, you will need to determine whether or not the items you want to donate are useful. Many charities can only use items that are new, so if you don’t have any use for some of your old items, chances are the charity may not either. Ask if there are any items that would be of use and then only consider donating those if you have them.

You can also consider selling items and then donating the proceeds to the charity of your choice. By donating money instead of goods, you do allow the charity to have better flexibility in spending the money so that it reaches people that need it the most. When you are selling items yourself, you are able to eliminate the middleman that can take a cut of the profits you intend for charity. You also eliminate the burden of charities to sell or refurbish items so they have more resources to fulfill their mission.

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