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Help Families in Armenia

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If you are looking to help families in Armenia, there are a few ways you can get involved in Phoenix, AZ.

Donate to a Trusted Charity: Find a trusted charity whose mission it is to help families in Armenia. The mission will explain where the money is going and how it is helping families living in poverty in the country. Monetary donations can often be the most helpful and with the right charity you will know exactly how your money is going to help. To help families in Armenia even more, you can set up a monthly contribution to a charity of your choice. Some charities will also accept items to send to families. Check with each individual charity to see what is needed before donating.

Sponsorships: Some charities will allow you to sponsor a family. The money from your sponsorship will go directly to the family you choose. They are able to use this money for help with basic needs.

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