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Visit To Family in Kosh Village - Family is Extreme Poverty - Oct. 11, 2015

Today, our group visited Kosh Village. There 2 children in this family: 2 year old girl and 6 year old boy. The father is disabled and can barely walk. The whole body is in tremors, with irregular movements. The grandmother also lives with them.

Here are the pictures from our group's Sunday visit. Thanks to all who donated, we were able to buy a convectional oven for bread making, toys for kids, clothes for all members of the family, LOTS OF last them several months. We also handed cash to the father to be able to cover some cost of living expenses as well as medical expenses. Food included 100kg of flour for bread, sugar, dairy, oils, meats, deli, cookies, candy, and more!

They have not eaten meat for such a long time, the kids were not letting go of the sausages, holding them in their hands! I wish we could help all needy families this way! If you would like to donate, get in touch with me...we have more families coming up next week. Because we don't get enough donations for more families, we only try to help out one family each week.

Thank you all who contributed- we couldn't have done it without your donations! God bless you!

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