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In Loving Memory of Mr. Ghadimi - Visit to Wounded Soldier's Family 12.25.2022

In Loving Memory of Esraeil Sheram Ghadimi, In lieu of flowers, with friends and family's donations, our team helped a soldier, who was the breadwinner of the family, who was injured and lost his leg in 44 day war. This would have been Mr. Ghadimi's wish, since, according to his family, he always helped families of soldiers.

With the donations, we were able to give the family a pregnant cow, which will be the source of their sustainable daily income. We also gave the family firewood, which will keep their home warm this winter. With the remaining money, we gave his children toys and sweets.

Thank you, friends and family of Mr. Ghadimi, in the midst of your sorrow, you brought light to this family. May Mr. Ghadimi rest in peace. God bless you all.

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