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Visit to Family in Lukashin Village- with Disabled Single Mother and Rashid & His Brother - Oct

Dear Friends!

Our team visited the family in Lukashin village, to 2 children whose mom was disabled. Her son, Rashid was doing most of the chores, bringing water in a bucket for his mom to wash the clothes. We were able to take a washing machine, a refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, iron, electric kettle, TV, and LOTS OF FOOD, including a lot of flour to make bread. In addition, the mother requested some medications, which was taken also, clothes for each member of the family, school supplies, hygiene supplies, detergent for laundry, and cash was handed over to the mother to cover the bills for electricity and gas. We were also able to take a computer for Rashid, who is dreaming to become a computer programmer.

Dear friends, without your kindness, this would not be possible. We were able to help yet another poor family from their burden, at least for a while. We helped a disabled single mother, who had motility problem, to be able to solve her everyday problems with the new appliances.

Thank you to all who donated. I am grateful that you are with us. I am grateful for each one of you, who are ready to share the burden of others, who truly need our help. Thank you for lifting their burden at a very difficult time in their life. I certainly enjoyed looking at these pictures of the visit and hope you do also. God bless you and your families... and once again, thank you for your kindness and support.

Enjoy the pictures!

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