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Visit to Edjmiadzin- 3 Children Under Grandmother's Care After Mother's Suicide - Oct. 25, 2

Despite the heavy rain, our group visited Etchmiadzin, where 3 children were left under the grandmother's care, because the children's mother commited suicide and the father went out of country.

We took a lot of gifts for them, particularly a refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, iron, electric kettle, a computer for children, bicycle for Khachatur, firewood, a LOT OF FOOD including: lots of flour to make bread, sugar, oil, fruit and vegetables, canned food, meat, dairy, sweets for children, hygiene items, a ball and a lot of warm clothes and shoes for children.

This was so much that they would not fit into their cabin. :) The children were so happy and excited, and the grandmother was very thankful.

Dear Friends, I would like to thank everyone for joining us, thank you for your generous donations and support you give to our families. Your kindness has helped another family have food for quite a while, clothing for children and grandmother to rest, at least temporarily, without trying to find a way of solving the problem to feed the grandchildren.

Enjoy the pictures!

Thank you all and God bless you!

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