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Visit to Family in Akhashen Village - November 22, 2015

Dear Friends,

Our group visited the residents of Aknashen Village with 3 wonderful kids and their parents, whose father was a Freedom Fighter. We took a lot of presents with us. We had a lot of gifts, including a refrigerator, washing machine, firewood for the whole winter, SOO MUCH food, particularly a meat, dairy, dry and long-lasting food – also, fruits, vegetables, canned food, sweets, oil, butter, flour, and sugar.

In addition to that, we took clothing for kids and parents, computer for kids, school stationery, blessed crosses brought from Jerusalem, dishes, utensils and generally everything that could help this family get out of their drab daily routine.

We were also joined by the mayor of Aknashen, who in turn thanked us all. Dear Friends, thanks to you all, another family had a slight change in their daily routine, the children began to smile, and the parents no longer have to worry about feeding their children, whose face were filled with smiles and cheerful laughter. Thank you ALL ~ yet again ~ God bless you!

A personal thank you to Sebouh Mekhjian for his MUCH GENEROUS donation for this family, who expressed his concern and willingness to continue supporting this family in the future. Thank you Sebouh, God Bless you!

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