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Visit to Family with 8 Underage Kids Nubarashen -

Dear friends,

Today our group visited the Nubarashen residents, the family with 8 underage kids. We took them a refrigerator, enough firewood for the whole winter, A LOT OF food, meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, so that they will last a long time, approximately 6-7 months.

Additionally, we took new warm winter shoes and clothes for ALL children, clothing, hygiene items, and a lot of toys. In addition, their electricity bill accumulated about $100, and was going to be turned off…. We paid it off to avoid that. Our group was joined with a clown who brought a cake with them. The children were extremely happy, played and danced, taking turns opening their gifts and ate the cake with pleasure. In other words, the day was filled with joy and laughter, with the kids singing and dancing, not to mention that they wanted to play with all the toys at the same time and couldn’t wait to try their new clothes and shoes.

I would also like to mention the youngest contributors to our today’s visit, 10 year old Arek, and 7 year old Nairi, who, after learning about the condition of these children, used their piggy bank money and donated to this family. I personally made sure, that the kids (older ones who understand) know what you did, and we thank you for your kind little hearts!

Dear Friends, another Kind and Happy Sunday came to an end. Eight children, who yesterday were in need of food are no longer hungry, in need of warm clothes and shoes, no longer need to walk barefoot or light shoes/clothes, in need of toys now have many to play with. The two mothers no longer need to think about their electricity being cut off, or think about how to provide food for their children. Also, I would like to mention that we are looking into some avenues in placing the mothers to work in shifts, so that they can continue providing for their family.

I thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, for your participation, support, your kind hearts, and the willingness to help your fellow brothers and sisters who are in desperate need for our support. Thanks for being part of our group and thank you for being part of God’s plan.

God bless you abundantly!

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