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Visit to Family Who Lost Everything in Fire - Noyakert Village - December 6, 2015

Dear Friends,

Today was our last visit for this year. Our group visited Noyakert village where the family lost everything in fire. This family was one of the perfect families, modest, polite, and respectful children, wonderful mom.

We took with us a refrigerator, iron, washing machine, firewood to last them the whole winter, a LOT OF FOOD, flour, sugar, oil, milk, meat, sweets, fruit, vegetables, clothes and shoes for children and parents, diapers for the for baby, hygiene items, toys, blankets and bags. Basically, everything they needed as an immediate need. Additional money that was left was handed to the mother to replace the damaged parts of the heater that was damaged during the fire.

Dear Friends, once again, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone able to work together as a family to change this family’s life, change it for the better, to instill smiles and faith and hope for a brighter future. You made this happen, because without your support, our group would not be able to accomplish this. Because of your generosity and kindness, one family can now stay warm during winter, have warm shoes, and not think about basic needs for survival.

I thank each and every one of you. God bless you!

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