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Packing for Needy Families - 30 Boxes Shipped Directly to the Families

Just finished...exhausted, but excited and thankful!

Special Thank you, Lisa Giragosian Iskikian, Անի Թաշջեան, Hope Atamian,Monica Ordubegian, Susanna Keshishian, Varsham Mnatsakanyan, Alvard, Ani Duzdabanyan, Ivet Tsaturyan, for your help packing and your donations for the shipping for boxes!!!! Thanks to Maro Khodaveerdi,Ripsime Ricki Chilingaryan T ,and all whom I missed to mention.

Also, thank you to all, who made donations to support the shipping cost...we have total of 30 boxes ready to go tomorrow morning, instead of initial 10 that we thought we would ship!

We are waiting for the video of today's packing from Lusine Kalfayan !

Some families will actually be getting at least more than 1 box of mostly new, but also lightly worn clothes.

This would not happen without your support... God Bless you ALL!

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