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Family Living in a Cattle Barn in Darakert Village, Armenia - February 7, 2016

It's Sunday again, and today our group visited Darakert village. The amount of rejoicing that was there, is impossible to describe. The children were shocked, especially happy and ecstatic for the delicious sweets and delicious food. We had taken with us so much that the poor babies and family were shocked :)))

Refrigerator, bread baking oven, electric kettle, incredible amount of food, meat, dairy, cereals and canned food, bags and boxes of vegetables, fruit, kids clothes, shoes, hygiene items, school items, and more.

In addition to all the food, which filled the whole 2 rooms, $150 was transferred to the mother in order to pay off the debts at store.

This is one of those cases where the children could not hide the surprise, joy and smiles, simply because they have never had so many gifts.

From now on, they will not have clothes tattered and worn, half boots, torn bags, but have all the things from which they can decide what to wear and when.

Dear friends, your benevolence, is the result of this kind of attention and care. Thanks to you, another family will not have any problems for a long time, and the the willingness of other kind people is so great, that they will continue to have more help in the future, on regular basis. We hope that this family will come out of this crisis with organizing and managing all the help they got today and in the future.

Thank you all who gave even their smallest contribution. God will bless you abundantly for your willingness to share your 'bread' with others. You have helped us instill hope in the family's hearts, and showed that they are not alone to get back on their feet.

God bless you!

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