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Packing Day for Poor Families In Armenia - February 21, 2016

Well friends, another packing day, another group of AWESOME people, another blessed day, another MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Today, we packed for 11 of 30 - 3XL BOXES, thanks to a generous discount from A&H Cargo Services and Անահիտ Խալաֆյան ~ HUGE THANK YOU!

Thank you for our group members who joined us today and helped pack! Thank you for ALL who contributed and financed the shipping. Thank you ALL who donated to our mission.....without you, we would not be able to accomplish this.

We packed lightly used and new clothes, shoes, jackets, and toys. We also packed new back packs, school supplies such as notebooks, notepads, pens, and drawing notepads.

God bless you abundantly for giving unto others! This is what we will leave behind in this world :)

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