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Family with 8 Children and Sick Parents in Poverty - February 28, 2016

My dear friends, today our group visited 8 children and their parents living in Ashtarak. We took many many gifts for them including but not limited to: a refrigerator, washing machine, iron, electric kettle, oven for baking bread, firewood, a computer, "dhol" for the boy whose dream was to learn to play dhol, a lot of vegetables, fruits, sweets, meat, milk, canned food, oil, flour, sugar, Bibles for children and adults, as requested, blessed crosses from Jerusalem, kitchenware, many many toys, a lot of clothes and shoes for school for all kids, school supplies, and household supplies.

The children were very happy opening and closing their gifts, they kept passing a package to one another, and the parents were extremely excited. The kids prepared a surprise for us, they made flowers in soil as a sign of appreciation.

I hope that our visit will be the beginning of a new and prosperous life for this family. At this point they don't have everyday problems associated with food and clothing, we hope it will continue this way and the family, using the proper measures, will be able to come out of these needy circumstances. God bless you abundantly for contributing to our cause.

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