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Family in Poverty - Living in a Canyon in Hrazdan - March 6, 2016

Today our group visited Hrazdan, the family who was living in a canyon. Frankly, this was the first time we had such a difficult trip, whether mentally or physically, it was extremely difficult. Indescribable bad conditions, the family lived in the canyon, our vehicles could not go down, our group tried to walk down a long distance, however impossible it was, because the road was muddy from snow, was completely covered, rain and snow, and the weather was still pretty cold.

Some of the items we took, we left on top, near the livestock in the area, and some items we took it to their house, making several trips up and down by foot.

And now this is what we took with us: refrigerator, TV, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, electric kettle, iron, oven for making bread, computer, a lot of hens and rooster in order for them to have some source of income :)))

We took clothes for children for ALL seasons, all kinds and many colors, even 2-3 of them in different sizes, so that in future there would not be a problem of clothing. We took a lot of food, took fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy products, candy, canned food, oil, butter, sugar, flour, and much much more!

Unfortunately, we were unable to open the packages due to lack of space and we were not able to take a lot of pictures of all the bags and gifts. We also didn't have a lot of successful photos because of weather conditions.

But one thing is obvious. Another hungry family has quite a lot of food, clothing, items needed for much easier lifestyle and facilitating amenities, and this time, a source of income, the hens. Children are fed, they have clothes, games, entertainment, stationery for school, and will be attending school, most importantly.

And now, we are enjoying this, Sunday, filled with the taste of what we do :)))

I thank you all for being with us God bless you for making this happen! Much Respect to ALL who participated :))

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