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Small Vedi - March 13, 2016

Dear friends! Imagine that you and your children are very poor, hungry, half clothed and it’s winter. You have NO way out, no way to feed the children. They are constantly asking for food, fighting over bread. AND…. All of a sudden a group comes with all the things never imagined! --- How would you feel????--------------------- ANOTHER GOOD SUNDAY!!!! Our group visited Small Vedi Village where mother and three children were eagerly waiting for us. They were half-starved and half-clothed when our group approached them. Our organizer quickly changed the children’s clothes, because it was just unbearable to see them in their clothes, especially shoes, with holes in them, in this winter. We had taken a lot of gifts for them. We took a refrigerator, TV, washing machine, oven for baking bread, electric kettle, iron, mobile phone for the mother, new and lightly used clothes for children and mother, shoes, school supplies, school stationery, a LOT of food including mostly canned and dry food, sweets, fruit and vegetables, variety of meats, eggs, dairy items including cheese, butter, milk, sour cream, etc. We also took toys. The children are happy, they were opening one bag after another to see what we brought, they quickly opened the gifts, they looked happy and smiling children even changed into several clothes, which we have taken for them :)))) The mother was so moved that she could not hold back the tears and the words of gratitude didn't end. She said that children have never had so much delicious food and they never received so many gifts, even on the holidays. Dear friends, my words are not enough to describe everything that happened today with the countless amount of food and presents, smiling eyes of the children, parental anxiety, mood and wonderful feelings. Know, that yet again, we have temporarily eliminated the hunger and poor social situation for another family, and hopefully the family will be able to stand on their feet. I thank all of you who are with us, sharing, donating, and just being part of our group :))) God Bless you!

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