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Visit to Family in Masis Living in an Abandoned Factory Building - March 27, 2016

My dear friends, today our group visited 3 teenage kids living in a former leather factory building in Masis.

The family is very bright, optimistic, and positive. They are very happy from the gifts we took them. We took them a refrigerator, washing machine, electric oven to bake bread, iron, electric kettle, clothes for kids and mom, shoes, LOTS OF food, including canned and dry, also pizza which was requested by the children, stationery, household accessories, and the enough money was give to the mother to pay off debts and to cover the ongoing costs.

The children were very happy. They quickly changed their clothes and shoes into new ones. Mom was very happy, constantly praising and thanking.

Beloved, thanks to all of you, once again we saved a family from starvation, from their gray daily routine. Thank you all and Happy Easter :))))

God bless you ALL abundantly

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