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Visit to Hrazdan Family - Sponsors: Champs Students- 5.1.2016

Dear Friends,

While we were doing the packing for the families in Artsakh, our group in Armenia visited Hrazdan family who was in extreme poverty. The money for this visit was donated by the Armenian Student Union at CHAMPS CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL with Արմինե Մինասյան ‘s leadership.

Our group visited 3 teenage kids and their parents. Extremely poor, but at the same time, a modest family. Their living condition was so bad that even the children's clothes were too ragged, and socks with holes on them and wearing old clothes.

We took many gifts for them including but not limited to: washing machine, refrigerator, electric oven, iron, electric kettle, clothing for all family members, stationery, toys, hygiene items and a lot of food and sweets, vegetables and fruit for the family which will last them several months.

I would like to express special thanks to the Armenian Student Union at CHAMPS Charter High School, the kids, who tirelessly raised the sufficient money to make this visit happen with Armine Minasyan. They picked specifically this family to support and worked the whole day for it.

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