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Single Mother living with 2 Kids and Deaf Parents

Kotayk Marz, Zar Village, Armenia

Today, our group visited Zar Village, visited a wonderful family. We had many gifts for them, including a refrigerator, TV, washing machine, computer, phones for children, bread making oven, electric kettle, plenty of food, which is going to last them many months, clothes for children and all members of family, hygiene items, and more.

Mom will soon be delivering her 3rd child, so we took lots of baby boy clothes for the hospital and for the next year and everything that's necessary for hospital stay and delivery. We also took lots of children's games and toys, school stationery and many more things.

The little boy was not at home, as he went to the fields with his grandfather, otherwise we would have seen the joy in his eyes too :)

Dear friends, one more family's burden was lightened, now there will be no more thinking how they will buy bread, the children won't need to be ashaimed of their clothes, and the mother is happy and ready to deliver her baby boy.

Thank you ALL, for your generosity and you willingness to bring such joy to a needy family. Thank you for sharing your bread with the poor, as you will be rewarded for your works.

God bless you!

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