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Family in Poverty - 2 Disabled Children

Zar village, Abovyan Region

Dear friends, our group visited the family in Zar village, a visit to two beautiful angel sisters.

Both children, unfortunately, have health problems. Older daughter, Siranush (8 years old) has speech problems, she stutters and also has very serious visual problems. Marianne, 6 years old, also has speech problems- difficulty speaking. Child's mother is now at the hospital suffering from meningitis, pneumonia and kidney problems and their father, despite having 3rd degree disability, works and only gets 1500 drams (about $3) daily on average.

They were extremely happy when they saw us. We took a lot of gifts for the family: a refrigerator, washing machine, bread making oven, electric kettle, computer, mobile phones, toys for children and fancy-fancy accessories for kids :)))

The kids tried ALL their clothes, one by one, put on their shoes and new accessories, began to take turns opening the gifts and were overjoyed. There was much happiness in their eyes.

We took with us a lot of food, which will last a long time and they will not need to buy food for a while. This will be enough time for the mother to recover and the family to get back on their feet.

Dear Friends, another family's life changed from our visit, children have things to play with their carefree smiles, parents are relaxed, at least for a while.

I thank you all for your contributions, and if anyone is still looking to adopt them as a permanent family, please let me know.

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