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Village in Hrazdan - 3 Kids and Sick Grandmother

Our group's today's visit was to a village in Hrazdan, reaching out to three beautiful kids who have a father with serious health conditions and grandma, who needs constant care because she is in constant danger of fainting and falling. They were a wonderful family, had modest and well-behaved children.

We had countless gifts for them including a refrigerator, washing machine, bread making oven, electric kettle, enough food for a VERY long time, flour, sugar, grains, meat products, fruits and vegetables, clothing for every member of the family, winter warm new coats, which were the generous donations from OUR group here, in the states, that we shipped in February, outdoor clothes and shoes, toys, and hygiene items.

The children also received a chessboard and painting supplies.

My dear friends, all this kindness that we poured upon this family, the love that we showed them, were the most important things that they needed today.

Thank you for your help, the thoughtfulness and your willingness to share the problems of another family that found themselves in extremely poor condition. Special thanks to our group member who made this visit happen this Sunday and didn't let us postpone it with a donation that covered the rest of the costs. :)

Thank you ALL and God Bless you!

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