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Samvel Khachatryan's Surgeries (Accomplished)

UPDATE: July 5, 2016

Friends, MISSION OFFICIALLY ACCOMPLISHED! I am posting with yet another wonderful news. Sam just got the metals off several days ago. He is feeling extremely well. His feet are even and from now on, he can be a normal kid again.

For those of you who don't know his story, here is a recap: We received a call for help for Sam last year: June, 2016. He has not been walking for over a year when we got the call, like you see in first picture. It came to a point where if there was more delay, his foot would have to be amputated. Thanks to generous donors, Sam went through 2 difficult surgeries: one to remove infection that was already near the bone, two: because his leg was not growing and was already 7cm short, it needed to be lengthened.

Both surgeries went as expected thanks to the awesome Dr. Mirzoyan. As you can see from pictures he has grown to be quite a young man, and because of our help, he can be a normal kid again, doing the activities nobody thought he would ever do. I want to thank you that you are by our side, helping make the world a better place for our people in Our Motherland. God bless you for your generosity.



Sam is getting ready for his second surgery. Another $5000 was raised to accomplish this. He is eager to have his right leg lengthened so he can walk like a regular kid :)

LATEST UPDATE - July 4, 2016:

Samvel started walking and continues his exercises and daily visits to Dr. Mirzoyan for wound care.

UPDATE June 29th: The surgery took longer than expected, about 3.5 hours. The previous surgery, according to Dr. Mirzoyan, was not successful, and the infection was still there. He cleaned the bone as much as possible. We are hoping that he doesn't run a fever and that everything will turn out as expected. Will update more as I find out myself.

Samvel Khachatryan is having his first surgery today, and I would like to ask everyone who is or isn't involved in his care/progress to keep him in prayers. Please send your positive vibes towards him and the doctor, and pray that Dr. Mirzoyan will have the needed wisdom to make best decisions for successful surgery.

I will update on it, as I speak with the mother. Per mom, the surgery will take place at 1am our time, and should last 1 1/2 hours.

Thanks for all who contributed for his care. Let's pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery for him.

About this child:

This boy's name is Samvel Khachatryan. He was born on April 14, 2010 in Artik City of Shirak Region (near Leninakan- as some of you know, near Gyumri). When he was about 5 years old, he got sick with pneumonia, which gave lots of complications. Because of wrong treatment in Gyumri, his condition got even worse, and was transferred to Yerevan for further treatment. The family survives on only dad's income, which is barely enough to get them by.

Things got even worse, when, per the mother, the infection was already in the blood, and somehow gave complications in his foot. The right foot started swelling as well as the pneumonia was found in his both lungs. They made an incision in his foot to bring the swelling down, and from there, started this family's nightmares.

Since then they have not been able to heal the wound in his foot, having the infection already reached the bone. If this condition continues with no treatment, he might lose his leg.

Action Plan:

Two surgeries need to be done, each costing $5000. The purpose of the first surgery is to eliminate the infection which has reached the bone. It needs to be scraped and properly treated. The purpose of the second surgery is to be able to make the foot longer, because currently it's 5cm short.

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