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Container in the Fields - Family in EXTREME POVERTY.

Container in the Fields ..Family in EXTREME POVERTY.

Ararat Marz - Verin Artashat Village

This was a family in extreme poverty, a family that was living in an empty container, 6 children sleeping on the floor with no proper clothes, shoes, or ANYTHING for that matter, but with your help, our visit has changed their life for the better. In addition to all the things that we got them, this family also has a cow, therefore, they will have fresh milk every day.

We also took them chickens, so that they will have eggs, 3 bunk beds for 6 kids, so the kids don’t have to sleep on the floor anymore, a refrigerator, washing machine, electric oven, kettle, bicycles for the children, plenty of food, vegetables, bedding for everyone, dishes, clothes and shoes for all members of the family, hygiene items, toys, school stationary, and other necessary items.

Children and parents were extremely happy, the kids tasted candy one by one, the mom was happy to look at gifts and was going through the bundle thanking and blessing all supporters. His father was also grateful, and he said that this was the first time they received such assistance and that their life will change a lot.

Now they have fresh milk, eggs and prosperous life to look forward to. For once, they will not stay hungry. Parents promised the appropriate use of our aid and on our next visit we will see them in a better shape, designed garden, and the kids are more taken care of.

Thank you ALL, for your support, for your donations! Thank you for sharing your food with others. We CANNOT possibly change the world, BUT, we changed the world for THIS particular family.

God bless each and every one of you for your generous support!

Together, United, we WILL make a difference!

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