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Single Mother with 3 Kids in Zovuni on June 26, 2016

Zovuni Village, Armenia

Today was another visit by our group to a family who lost a father and husband, and whose mom has serious health issues. Because of her condition, she is unable to work currently, and was behind on her rent.

We took a lot of gifts for them including a fridge, bread making oven, electric kettle, vacuum cleaner, a TV. We also took shoes and clothes for children and for her mother, school stationery, toys, kitchenware and lots of food, fruits and vegetables, which will last them for a long time. Furthermore, money was transferred to the mother to take care of bills and other current expenses.

The mother is also a pastry specialist and she said that the stove, flour and sugar will enable her to make cookies so she can bake and sell.

My dear friends, we hope that this visit will leave a positive mark on this family's life, hopefully they will be able to stand on their feet and get out of this situation very soon.

Thanks for uniting and saving yet another family from hunger and poverty. God Bless you!

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