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Single Mother and 2 Kids

Ararat Marz, Dashtakar Village, Armenia.

Dear friends, today our group visited the single mother and 2 beautiful sisters in Ararat region.

First of all, let me say that we have rented an apartment for them, a place where the mother, 2 girls, and the soon to be newborn will live a MUCH MORE comfortable life, without thinking about if they will stay warm in winter or if they will have enough water to take a bath. This apartment is newly renovated, all utilities are present, they have a shower, which they didn't have and heating system, which will keep them warm all winter long.

We took a lot of gifts for them, including a fridge, washing machine, bread making oven, electric kettle, iron, lots of material, so mom can sew, a computer, for her to be able to upload her work in her album to facebook. We will share that album once in a while so that anyone interested can buy from her (of course this is refered to our group in Armenia mostly)

We also took a lot of food including vegetables, fruits, sweets, meat, and much more that will last them many months and they will not be left hungry. The mother is a hard worker, and we will help her stand on her feet and help her start to provide for her family.

Additionally, we took lots of clothes and shoes for everyone, including the soon to be born child. The children were extremely happy to see toys, stationery, mom was happy to have household and hygiene items.

My dear friends, once again, we tried and succeeded warming another family's hearts. Once again, we changed their life for the better, so they don't have to stay hungry or cold.

We hope that our visit will be the beginning of a prosperous and peaceful life for them filled with love and happiness.

I thank you all for your participation, your kind words, your support in contributions, and, in general, for being with us, sharing your food with those in need.

God bless you abundantly.

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