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Visit to Abovyan - Family from Martakert with 7 kids -(This Family Needs to be Adopted)

Today, our group visited the family of an Artsakh soldier, who are currently renting a temporary home in Abovyan, since their house in Martakert, Artsakh was damaged during enemy fire in April war.

This was a family of 7 wonderful children, even though living in poor conditions, they were neatly dressed and the house was spotless. We took so many things for them, that they will be able to live a normal life for a very long time. We took a refrigerator, bread making oven, electric kettle, iron, lots and lots of food, a lot of meat (beef and chicken), flour, sugar, vegetable oils, baby formula (donated by our LA group), dairy products, canned food, boxes of vegetables and sweets, blankets and mattresses, countless number of clothes and shoes, toys and school supplies (some donated by members of our group who were visiting Yerevan at that time), care and hygiene supples, and finally some money was transferred to mother to take care of ongoing house expenses.

The Khachatryan family was very grateful and we hope that this will be a beginning of a successful life for their family.

I am sure that the kids till now, this late hour, they are digging into their numerous gifts.

Thank you all for your generous support. Thank you for sharing your bread with the less fortunate in our Motherland. God Bless you!

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