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Visit to Family in Aknashen Village - November 8, 2015

Dear Friends,

Today our group visited the family in Aknashen village. The family was anxiously waiting for us, and we were joined by the mayor, Mr. Minasyan.

We took a refrigerator, a bread making oven, TV, firewood for the WHOLE winter, LOTS and LOTS of food, which is barely fit in two rooms, kitchenware, bedding, children's toys, clothes and shoes for the whole family. The good news is that it is quite possible that they will soon have a new home :) But we will discuss that later.

I want to thank Mayor Misakyan and his staff who pointed out this extremely needy family to us.

My dear friends, all of this happened only because of your kindness, affection, and of course, the ability and willingness to share the problems of others. Thanks to you, the 5 children have food to eat, clothes to wear, keep warm for the winter....and as for the parents, their daily burden of trying to feed their children has been lifted, at least for quite some time, because they will not be hungry..

I thank God that you exist and that you are with us. God bless you and your families!

Enjoy the pictures!

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