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Visit to Widow and 2 Kids in Charentsavan - 8/7/2016 (This Family Needs to be Adopted)

Friends, Today, our group went to visit a widow and 2 kids in Chrentsavan. We took a lot of much needed items for them including a new refrigerator, a stove, a lot of clothes and shoes for all members of the family, bedding, lots of dry/canned food to last them for a long time, meat, dairy products, sweets, vegetables, toiletries and other hygeine items, household goods, etc. The family's debt, which was 310,000 drams(about $670) was paid off by one of our group members. This family still needs to get adopted. Anyone interested, please PM me. Thank you all, who participated in this mission and shared your bread with this needy family. You have definitely changed their life! God bless!

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