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Visit to Hrazdan - Family in Extreme Poverty w/ Sick Dad -8/14/16

Dear friends, today our group visited the family in Hrazdan, whose only provider, the father of 2 children, has kidney failure and will soon start dialysis. We took a lot of gifts for them, including a fridge, washing machine, electric oven, electric kettle, DVD player, but most importantly, we took them a pig, which will have 8-9 cubs regularly, which will be sold for a fixed income every 6-7 months. We also took them 30 chicken, so that they can have eggs on regular basis, and the extra eggs can be sold or exchanged for something they need. In addition to all this, we took them a lot of food including meat, milk, grains, vegetables, sweets, clothes for all family members, toys for children, and cash in the amount of 100,000 AMD to cover current expenses. We hope that our visit to this family has changed their life for the better, we hope that this will help them stand on their feet in the midst of their hopeless situation. Thank you ALL for your contributions. Thanks for caring and sharing your bread with those in need. God Bless you!

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