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Visit to Ashtarak - Single Mother with 2 kids in Poverty -8/21/16 (THIS FAMILY NEEDS TO BE ADOPTED)

My dear friends, Today our group visited these little kids and their mother living in Ashtarak, whose father abandoned them leaving them in debt and in hunger. Children's grandmother was also there. We took them a refrigerator, washing machine, electric kettle, 10 chicks to ensure they have constant supply of eggs, which they can even sell or exchange for something they need, a lot of food, large sacks of flour to make bread, meat, vegetables, different types of grains, granular food, frozen and canned food, sweets, lots toys and games for children, beautiful clothes and other necessary items for all members of family. Grandma said she does not remember when the kids were so happy and excited to dig in their toys and gifts. The grandmother and mother were constantly expressing their gratitude for all we have done. :) Dear friends, a family, at least temporarily but for a very long time, was cut off from everyday concerns today. I sure hope that our visit will be the beginning of their prosperous life :)) Thank you for being with us, thank you for sharing you bread with your brothers and sisters in need, thank you for your support in our weekly missions. God bless you abundantly.

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