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Visit to Merdzavan Village - Family in Extreme Poverty - 9/18/16

My dear friends, Today, our group visited the family in Merdzavan. This family has 3 children and the father, who was the only provider, was involved in car accident, and he was unable to walk for almost 5 months. This made them fall in to extreme poverty, to the point that they didn't have food for days at a time. We had many gifts for them, particularly for the mom. Since she knows how to sew, we bought her a new sewing machine, so the mother can sew bedding and sell. We also got her hairdressing supplies, such as a professional hairdryer, scissors, and other needed materials because she also knows hairdressing, and will also be able to earn money with this. We took them 40 pieces of chicken, since the dad is not able to work, at least he can take care of the chicken, which will bring them daily income. In addition to that, we took them firewood and dry/canned food for the WHOLE winter. The food also included dairy products , meat, grains, vegetables, sweets, baby food for 4 month old baby, many many clothes, toys, school bag and stationery for the older boy, and the money transferred to the mother / $ 100 / in order to pay off debts. Dear friends, another family is more or less cut off from daily problems. We gave the mother a chance to "catch her own fish" with the sewing machine and hairdressing supplies. The father can take care of the chickens and earn revenue per day and will be able to take care of their everyday needs. Hopefully, they soon will no longer have any social problems and will stand up on their feet quickly. This was all made possible with your generous donations, by sharing your bread with the needy brothers and sisters. Thank you for your generosity. God bless you all!

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