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Gyumri: Luysaghbyur Village: Visit to 8 Families-9/24/16

Dear Friends! We finally took our first trip to one of Gyumri's Neglected villages: Lusaghbyur village. Our group visited the 8 socially vulnerable families. (FYI: we still need to reach our goal to visit the remaining 13 families in same condition-donation details are below). Now, the visit: The food we took will last them at least 6 months and included: flour, potatoes, grains, meat, oil, butter, candy, etc. We also took them firewood (which will last them the whole winter), 15 chickens per family (to ensure a little income), clothes for all members of the family and toys and school supplies for children. Also, as you know, one disabled girl needed a new wheelchair, because hers was broken, so we took her a new wheelchair. The family, who had 13 children, was helped extra by one of our group members(who went with our group to Gyumri), by giving $200 to cover ongoing costs. The children, especially the youngest, were very happy, and were happily digging through their gifts and were smiling :)) We hope that our visit will slightly change their daily routine and will ease concerns regarding winter survival. Since we only visited 8 families, 13 families still remain. This is a continuous mission, so we are continuing our campaign to reach our $15K goal! Please donate as much as you can, as we will be changing familiy at a time. Make your contribution here, it's tax-deductible. 1) 2) 3) Paypal: 4) mail check to: Aid Beyond Borders 4104 1/2 Ocean View blvd Montrose, CA 91020


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