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Visit to Abovyan - Family with 5 Children from Martakert, Artsakh - 10/2/16

Dear friends,

Today, our group visited the town of Abovyan, the 5 minor children living in a rented apartment, whose father (a conditional soldier in Artsakh) developed tuberculosis and is at the hospital. Because the father is the only provider in the family, they found themselves in a situation where they desperately needed food. And because of malnutrition, the father is not getting well.

We took a lot of gifts had for them including a refrigerator, a gas cooker, electric kettle, iron, electric mixer, sewing machine, DVD player, plenty of food, cereals, bags of flour (to make bread), sugar, oil, butter, milk and meat, for the baby, we took baby food, diapers. For the school children, we took school supplies, clothing, shoes and toys, and we covered their past due rent for last month.

Dear friends, let us hope that our visit will be the start their new life in the family, the father will recover soon and will start providing for his family. The mother now has a sewing machine, which she can use to ear income, the children have all they need to not be ashamed to go to school.

Congratulations on changing another family's life! We did it again!

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