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Visit to TWO Families in Gyumri, Armenia - 10/16/16

My dear friends, today we visited 2 families living in Gyumri. and had a lot of gifts for them. Mrs. Amalia's family was the first family. Even before our group's visit, there were several people to extended their help to this family, some made visits, some provided financial assistance in order to prepare for winter, and also one of our group members bought a gas heater for the winter. and the kids received new sports clothing.

We took them a gas oven, iron, electric kettle, and a fridge, A lot of food for several months, clothing, a lot of school stationery, clothes and shoes, and toys for children. For the second family we took enough food for at least 6 months, clothing and toys to children and stationery for the brothers, and paid a couple of months rent, which they were behind on. Dear Friends, thanks for your generosity and the willingness to help your brothers and sisters in our Motherland. God Bless!

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