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Visit to Merdzavan: Two Children Abandoned by Their Mother, Left Under Sick Father and Grandmother&#

Dear friends,

Today we visited two children who were abandoned by their mother and left with their sick father and grandmother in a Merdzavan village.

We took a number of supplies to assist their daily needs, including a refrigerator, electric oven with a stove top cooker, electric kettle, iron, mixer, and television. To ensure their warmth throughout the winter we supplied them with a firewood stove with all the attachments, enough firewood for the next several months, and warm winter clothing for both adults and children including boots and coats. For food we brought 30 live chickens, and sufficient dairy, grains, vegetables, fruit, and sweets to last through the winter.

We hope that our visit will considerably ease the family's burden, as they are emotionally overwhelmed with surviving the day to day. We hope that by supporting the family during this difficult time their health and wellness will greatly improve!

Thank you all for your generosity and for your willingness to share your bread with the poor.

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