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Visit to Karine and her sons in Artashat

Dear friends,

Today we visited Karine and her two sons living in a rented apartment in Artashat city. One of her boys suffers from Cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that affects body movement and muscle coordination. Karine has been additionally stressed by a recent accident that left her second son bedridden with a broken leg. Thankfully our visit was full of surprises! We brought the family firewood for the whole winter, as well as a new burner to heat their home. To further keep the family warm we supplied much-needed children’s winter coats and heavy bedding. We also brought new furniture, including a table, a set of chairs chairs, a bed, and a wardrobe. Karine’s growing boys need good nutrition, and we were happy to provide food to last through the winter and beyond, including 30 live chickens, grains, oil, dry and canned food, dairy products, and fresh vegetables.

Karine was extremely happy and relieved, as we helped her with her most essential and stressful struggle to keep the house warm and well furnished and to make sure her children are well fed. Thanks to our efforts, winter will be a much more peaceful season for Karine’s family! We hope our visit will be the beginning of a new life.

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