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Angelina Received Her Special Wheelchair/Stroller - 10/29/16

Thanks to one of our group members, Anna, and the support of her friends, one more child with special needs received a much-needed specialized wheelchair/stroller.

Little Angelina is just six years old. Unfortunately, she suffers from Rett syndrome, a rare inherited disease that causes a progressive loss of control of muscles needed for movement and speech production. Because of her condition Angelina cannot speak, sit, or walk, and requires constant care. Angelina’s father abandoned the family when he learned about her disease, and her mother works long hours in a manicure/pedicure shop. Angelina therefore spends most of her time under her grandparents' care, who struggle with their own health issues related to kidney disease and diabetes.

In order for Angelina to live a safer life and to allow her to sit and interact comfortably with her family, she desperately needed a specialized wheelchair/stroller. Her family requested our help because they were not able to purchase such an expensive item. Thanks to this group's kindness, another child is able to live a more comfortable life and another family's burden has been lifted. Thank you!

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