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Extreme Hardship in Baghramyan Village

My dear friends,

Today our group headed to Baghramyan Village in Armavir Marz to visit Lusine, her three children, and their grandparents. Within the past year Lusine lost her youngest son to illness and her husband passed away unexpectedly in September. The family found themselves in extreme hardship, as their only provider had been Lusine's husband. We were happy to provide them with household supplies, including a refrigerator, gas cooker, electric kettle, iron, and enough firewood to last for the whole winter. To help with nutrition and income, we brought them 20 live chickens and food to last the animals eight months. Food for the family included several bags of flour, sugar, meat, milk, vegetable, sweets, and canned food and preserves.

We also believe in empowering families to improve their circumstances, and we will help Lusine with income by sending her to hairdressing classes, after which we will purchase the necessary materials and tools for her to begin working. I hope our visit will be the beginning of a prosperous family life for them. Thank you for your support! God Bless!

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