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Aid for Three Brothers in Kaps

My dear friends,

Today we visited the Kaps village in the Shirak region (near Gyumri) where three young brothers live in a cold house without reliable means for food. Their father abandoned them many years ago, and the burden of caregiving has rested on their mother's shoulders. The brothers were so excited for our delivery that as soon as we arrived to their home and began to unload our truck, they immediately changed into their new, warmer clothes and shoes! We brought the family a refrigerator, gas cooker, washing machine, electric kettle, iron, 30 chickens, and 125 kg of chicken food. In addition, they received firewood to last them the whole winter and food for at least 8 months, including a variety of grains, meat, milk, sugar, canned/dry food, fruits and vegetables.

For the boys we brought warm winter boots, jackets, trousers, underwear, school supplies, stationery, and many games. We were also able to supply their mother with money to pay utilities for the upcoming months. Before our visit the family was living in an almost empty house with no food or means to stay warm through the harsh winter. After our visit they have everything they need for the coming months! Thank you all for your love for one another and your willingness to share YOUR bread with the poor. You are the reason one more family's life has changed. Thank you and God bless you!

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