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Visiting 15 Remaining Families in Neglected Villages

Dear friends,

We had another long-awaited trip today to the Neglected Villages near Gyumri! There we met with fifteen unassisted families that had no means to stay warm and fed through winter months. We visited the Shirak region, specifically Yerazgavors and Marmashen Villages, to meet with families living alongside Turkey's border. Below you will see photos of what each family received, including firewood for the entire winter, 50kg of flour, warm winter clothing and footwear for all family members, school supplies and toys for every child, and three months' worth of dry and canned food from an anonymous donor. Thank you so much for all your help!

The children were very happy with our visit and they were very eager in opening the packages to see their gifts. And their parents were simply thankful and grateful. Our organizer in Armenia would like to make a special note, that the families in these villages live in EXTREMELY terribly poor social conditions. Most of them live in dilapidated containers with children half-frozen and hungry, and uncertain for their future. I hope that our visit has lightened their burden, at least slightly, and the kids at least temporarily, were cut off from their daily gray everyday lives. Another SPECIAL NOTE: The children we visited today, will be the ones whom we will give another special day, on Christmas, so please, take a moment and make a small donation. You will make a difference in their lives.

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