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Gifts to a Family in Great Need

My dear friends,

Today we visited Yeghvard to help out a family living in extremely difficult conditions. Because of financial hardship they have had no electricity or reliable source of food for five months. Their day was completely changed with our visit! We began by paying off their electricity bill (about 130,000 drams or 280 dollars) that had accumulated within the past several months. As a result, they at last received power after almost half a year of blackout. We also brought them household items including a refrigerator, electric oven with a stove top, electric kettle and iron, firewood burner, and firewood. The family will be well fed for some time, as we also them 30 chickens, food for the animals, and a huge array of perishable and non-perishable pantry items. Finally, for the 9-month-old baby we brought formula, diapers, hygiene items, and a crib.

This family's daily routine has turned around enormously since your generous gift! The children are no longer hungry, their house is warm, and they have a whole roost of chickens that will hopefully be a source of income for them. Thank you all! God bless you.

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