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First Visit of the Year - Sardarapat Village - 1/22/17

Dear friends, Yesterday was our first visit of the year and our group headed to Sardarapat village, where in a small basement, were living a single mother and two children. They didn't have any firewood, nor any food to eat.

We took a lot of things for them, including means to earn a steady daily income. We took them a refrigerator, washing machine, TV, electric kettle, iron, firewood, 20 pieces of live chicken, and a cow..

In addition, we took them a lot of food, to last them at least 7-8 months, which included flour, sugar, grains, meat, dairy products, vegetables, and sweets. Furthermore, each family member received lots of clothes, both warm winter and spring, as well as kitchen utensils, school stationery for kids, and children and adult Bibles.

Friends, thanks to your generous donations, we saved another family's life by providing a means to earn daily income. The cow will give about 15 - 20 Liters of milk daily. This means that they will have yogurt, sour cream, milk, cheese, and cottage cheese just from that. They will have enough to even sell the milk, and share with another needy family. In addition, the chicken will be a source of nutrition and income as well.

Today, this family is cut off from the existing problems, especially cold and hunger. We eliminated many of the current problems in just one visit. I'm sure after our visit, their lives will never be the same, and this will be the beginning of their new and prosperous life.

Thank you and God bless you for sharing your bread with the poor.


This single mother lives in the basement room with her 8-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. From time to time they move from one rented house to another for various reasons. The children's father moved to Russia to work, and ended up forming another family, with whom he has been living for the year. There was nothing in the room except the beds and the firewood burner when our team visited them. Azniv, the mother, collects tree branches from the nearby forest in order to warm up the room. She works, but only temporarily, replacing a full-time janitor at a nearby school. Soon, she will no longer have a job. 8-year-old Ivan wants to attend Karate class and asked us for gloves for training, sports shoes, school stationery, and a TV to watch his favorite movies. The mother's only desire is to provide the children with daily meals, and raise them in a warm house. Friends, this family is in desperation with no income. We need to pull them out of this misery and help the mom get back on her feet and provide for her children.

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