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Visit to Baghramyan Village - to Single Monther 3 kids - 2/26/17

Dear friends,

We finally headed to Baghramyan village where a single mother was not able to provide for her 3 children. Children's father left them a year ago, and now they didn't have anything to eat for days at a time. Children's grandmother, who has health issues is also living with them. All of them were eagerly waiting for our team's arrival and were very happy and grateful for our visit.

We took 2 winter worth firewood for them, a refrigerator, gas cooker, electric kettle, 40 hens, a cows that's currently pregnant and provides 15 Liters of mild a day, which will enable them not only to feed the kids but also make all dairy products to sell or exchange.

We also took at least 8 months of food with us which will help them to get back on their feet. The food included 200 kg of flour to make bread, sugar, grains, canned and dry food, granular food, meat, milk, vegetables, etc.

We also took a lot of children's toys, clothes for every member of the family, school stationery, school supplies, backpacks, and everything that could relieve their daily routine. One of our group members sent her 50 Euros which was handed over to the mother.

I should also note that this family is currently adopted and has a permanent sponsor, who will transfer money every month, which will pay off debts and be able to lift the hold on the house for repossession.

I hope our visit will be a start of prosperous days of this family and another family finally will come out of extreme poverty.

Thank you all for your kindness and support. God Bless you for sharing your bread with people in need.

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