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Visit to Artashat - Orphaned Children - March 19, 2017.

Another Sunday, and Yet another family's life was changed completely. Today, our group visited the children who are under their grandparents' care because their father passed away and mother abandoned them shortly after the husband's death. They now call their grandparents mom and dad.

Today was a happy day for them because not only do they now have a somewhat normal means to survive but also a sustainable income: cow and chicken. In fact, the cow already gave 6 liters of milk today, which the grandmother said she used 3 liters to make yogurt and the children drank the other 3 liters. What a relief to know they will never be hungry again!

We also took them firewood for next winter, a refrigerator, a TV, DVD player, washing machine, electric oven, electric kettle, more than 8 months worth of food which included dry/canned, meat, dairy, grains, cheese, and much much more.

In addition, all members of the family received clothes for ALL 4 seasons, and children received a lot of school supplies. They will soon be getting back to school and no reason for them to miss it anymore. Remember that the 16 year old girl recently finished beauty school? We bought her professional supplies for hairdressing so that she may start accepting customers and help her family with income.

WAIT!!!! THERE IS MORE! The reconstruction work started for the barn, where the cow will be staying. It all should be finished in 2-3 weeks. Also, the windows that were covered with plastic wraps are going to be replaced very soon with new EURO windows.

Friends, this is how we can change a life of a family.... I know that they will never be hungry again.... so that children will never miss school again because they don't have supplies and clothes..... We can do this together... united.. as one.

Thank you for your support... Thank you for sharing you bread with your people.... God bless you.

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