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Visit to Dalar Village - Ararat Region. March 26, 2017.

Dear friends, As part of our already regular Sunday visits to change a life of another family, today we visited 2 brothers living in dire conditions in the Dalar village, their mother and grandmother. Artyom, the older brother has a congenital heart disease and needs an immediate heart surgery, implantation of a pacemaker, which will happen very soon.

Today, we took them a cow, which will soon have a calf, firewood for next winter, a refrigerator, bread baking oven, electric kettle, enough food to last at least 8 months such as grains, dry/canned food, meat, dairy products, vegetables, bags of flour, sugar, oil, butter, grocery, canned food, etc. Also, all family members received clothing and shoes, and children received toys and school supplies.

We handed the mother some money to cover some of the expenses for the upcoming surgery. One of our group members promised stable monthly cash assistance to this family.

I hope Artyom's surgery will be successful and as the family now has a sustainable income as well as cash assistance.

I thank all the people who are with us, by our side, with support and generous donations, because you, these kind and happy SUNDAYS are possible. God bless you!

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