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Ari's Birthday Fundraiser - Dedicated to 3 Less Fortunate Boys in Armenia

Ari, on the left, learning about less fortunate children in Armenia, on his 10th birthday, held a birthday fundraiser where he raised over $1200. I want to note that not many kids of his generation are willing to give up their birthday gifts... After all, it's theirs.

However, Ari, knowing there are kids who don't have basic things, donated all this money to a family of 3 boys in Yerevan. These boys lacked proper school supplies, they longed for a bike and a computer. Today, all their wishes came true because of Ari's generosity.

hank you, Ari, may there be many who will follow your act of kindness. You are an example and an inspiration to many! God bless you and your family!


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