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Visit to Family in Lusarat Village - May 21, 2017.

Dear friends,

Today our team visited the family in Lusarat village who was in extreme condition and was not able to survive on the father's income. The children were half clothed, with not much to eat days at a time. This family needed a sustainable income, which we provided them today, and from here on, they will not be thinking on how they will feed their children. The children who were supposed to go to school were not attending due to lack of clothes and school stationary.

So, today, we had many surprises for them. We took them a cow and chicken to ensure sustainable income. We also took them a refrigerator, washing machine, electric oven, electric kettle, iron, firewood for the upcoming winter, enough food to last them at least 8 months including grains, meat, vegetables, and canned/dry food. All members of the family received quite a lot of clothes, children received toys, hygiene products, etc. The debts at the stores were paid so that they will be able to freely purchase what they need.

The children were very happy about our visit, looked at the toys and candy bags, and were eager to eat the things we took them. The mom was thrilled and grateful for our help.

Dear friends, this family's visit completely changed their everyday life and we hope that they will be able to manage their own family and to gradually overcome poverty.

Remember that we need to keep these families where they live, because these villages that we help are borderline villages to our enemies. We need to support them anyway we can, so that they don't leave.

Thank you for your support, as without it, this mission would not be possible to accomplish.

God bless you.

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